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A contrast-enhanced CT (CECT) of the abdomen with both intravenous and water soluble oral contrast was carried out.

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An erect X- Ray of the abdomen showed multiple air-fluid levels (Figure 1).

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CT abdomen revealed large amounts of free gas and fluid in the peritoneal cavity (Figure 2).

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X-ray of abdomen, supine, erect, decubitus views, and single chest view X-ray of abdomen, supine, decubitus views, and single chest view Complete acute abdomen X-ray series, supine, erect, decubitus views, and anteroposterior chest view.It is often used for urgent investigation - for example, of acute abdominal pain.Although an AXR is a plain radiograph, it has a radiation dose equivalent to 50 pos-teroanterior chest x rays or six months of standard background radiation.Chemical peritonitis may occur secondary to bile (displaced T-tube from common bile duct, unrecognised division of accessory bile duct) or blood (post-operative bleeding, abdominal trauma).

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Study of course of pneumoperitoneum produced in post

Erect X-ray abdomen and ultrasonography were suggestive of intestinal obstruction.

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A large loop of bowel with single air fluid level occupying more than half of the total width of abdomen and displacing the small bowel to one side (usually right) is the classical picture (Fig. 11.8).Preparation therefore is to withhold food and fluids for 8 to 9 hours before the examination, typically after midnight, as fasting examinations are usually performed first thing in the morning.

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The image acquisition is generally performed by radiographers, and the images are often examined by radiologists.

Erect X-ray abdomen showed dilated stomach with paucity of gas in lower abdomen and pelvis (Figure 1).Radiograph shows air in the biliary tree, a string-of-beads sign (arrows), and a faint opacity in the right lower pelvis suggestive of a gallstone (not depicted well).Computed tomography (CT) clarified a dilated small bowel loop and a mass measuring 4 cm (Figure 2).

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He was admitted to the intensive care unit and emergency laparotomy was performed after admission.

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A decubitus film (patient lying on his or her side) is also of use in certain situations.

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Less commonly urine (ureteric injury in pelvic surgery or intraperitoneal rupture of.

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If perforation is suspected then an erect chest X-ray should be performed as well as an abdominal X-ray.


Although the erect chest X-ray is a much more sensitive investigation for pneumoperitoneum, there are several signs that may be useful in detecting free gas on an abdominal X-ray.The child received supportive care, oxygen by hood, intravenous fluids and antibiotics.

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ABDOMINAL WALL and ACUTE ABDOMEN Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf:-1.An X-ray of the abdomen in erect position can be helpful in the diagnosis of a number of complications related to the abdomen area.Dye study done for confirmation of diagnosis showed the same picture i.e. only gastric shadow could be visualized.

Contrast examination of the ileus tube showed total obstruction of the ileum with the mass (Figure 1).

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Here is an easy to remember mnemonic on how to read abdominal Xray.

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The PA erect abdominal radiograph is often obtained in conjunction with the AP supine abdominal view in the acute abdominal series of radiographs.

The merits of any investigation should always be balanced against cost and risk.It is sometimes abbreviated to AXR, or KUB (for kidneys, ureters, and urinary bladder.

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If there is an obstruction present, you can then research the possible cause of the obstruction, including colon cancer.

The value of erect and supine abdominal radiographs and erect chest radiographs was analysed prospectively in 102 consecutive patients admitted to hospital with acute abdominal symptoms.

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Otherwise, if the patient is too weak, and cannot maintain its erect position for a long period of time, a lateral decubitus can be use.The: The first thing to know about a chest x-ray is that dark things represent air or fat, which white things represent fluid, tissue, and bone.

Inguinal incision was taken which was later converted into lower paramedian incision.Any food or liquid that mixes with the barium sulfate suspension can simulate pathology.Functional Intestinal Obstruction in the Neonate J. M.HOWATandA. W.WILKINSON From TheHospitalfor Sick Children, GreatOrmondStreet, andInstitute ofChildHealth, University ofLondon.Investigations like X RAY and USG plays an important role in the diagnosis of disease and so prompt treatment can done without delay and unnecessary laparoto-mies can be avoided Material and.

Some of the most frequent uses of the X-ray include the diagnosis of.

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Study of course of pneumoperitoneum produced in post operative patients by serial erect x-ray of abdomen.Left, in the supine AP (anteriorposterior) position the x-ray tube is 40 inches from the patient.

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When used together it is a valuable projection in assessing air fluid levels, and free air in the abdominal cavity.An abdominal X-ray is a picture of structures and organs in the belly (abdomen).