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The abdominal segment deformity disease (ASDD) is a new shrimp disease reported only in cultured Penaeus vannamei in Thailand.

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The manures used for pond fertilization were chicken, urea and cow dung.Next to Metapenaeus dobsoni, P. indicus is the second most important species in the ricefield shrimp farming of the Kerala coast of S.W. India. Also in Bangladesh, Malaya, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines the species is of importance,both for offshore fishing and in the pond culture.

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Fenneropenaeus indicus. was the main species of penaidae shrimps.Indonesia-Trammel net fleet- Metapenaeus ensis, Penaeus monodon, Penaeus indicus-FAO 71.


A, B, and C were significantly difference among males, a, b, and c in females The present study evaluated the LWRs and condition factor of P. monodon from four breeding families.Foreword Friend of the Sea is a non-governmental organization, which was established in 2008.The LWRs of P. monodon from four families followed a negative allometric trend.Penaeus indicus De Man, 1888 Penaeus merguiensis De Man, 1888.Biochemical composition was analyzed before and after treatment.

Based on species, Penaeus Vannamei (or White-leg shrimp) represented the species with the highest production in the global market, followed by Penaeus Monodon (or Black Tiger Shrimp) and Macrobrachium Rosenbergii.P. indicus could have been an alternative to monodon, but it fell out of favor with the Indian farmer long ago.

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Transferable chloramphenicol resistance determinant in luminous Vibrio harveyi from penaeid shrimp Penaeus monodon larvae Antibiotic-resistant luminous Vibrio harveyi strains isolated from Penaeus monodon larvae were screened for the possession of transferable resistance determinants.

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Usually, they catch Indian white prawn (Penaeus indicus) or speckled shrimp (Metapenaeus monoceros), freeze it on board, and export it to Europe.

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Introduction Status of shrimp farming in world Shrimp aquaculture is foremost earning industries in many tropical and subtropical countries of the.Milne Edwards, 1837 An Fenneropenaeus indicus in uska species han Malacostraca nga syahan ginhulagway ni H.

An Fenneropenaeus indicus in nahilalakip ha genus nga Fenneropenaeus, ngan familia nga Penaeidae.

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Maine allocates USD 340,000 to support lobster fishery research United States The Maine Department of Marine Resources has awarded six grants totalling USD 340,000 for research programs that will contribute to improved understanding of lobster fishery management.To meet market demands shrimps culture must increase because natural resources has limited capacity and cannot supply global demands by itself any longer.Europe and the USA are the primary export destinations for aquaculture Europe and the USA are the primary export destinations for aquaculture.