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According to information in the U.S. Life Tables, the average life expectancy is 13 years for a 70-year-old man and is 10 years for a 75-year-old man.

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My last PSA test was 5.75, and my primary care physician has referred me to a urologist for follow-up.

Find out if your score is cause for what are normal psa levels by age.

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For this reason, some doctors have suggested comparing PSA results with results from other men of the same age.Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is a protein produced primarily by cells in the prostate, a small gland that encircles the urethra in males and produces a fluid that makes up part of semen.This enzyme participates in the dissolution of the seminal fluid coagulum and plays an important role in fertility.

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Older men often have slightly higher PSA levels than younger men.

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No major problems passing water, the flow is average (not weak).The age risk for disease is about 30 percent of 50-year-old men, 38 to 40 percent of 60-year-old men and about 60 percent of 70 year old men, but the lifetime risk of dying from the disease is 11 percent.The recommended PSA level for an African American or Caucasian 65-year-old man is zero to 4.5 nanograms per milliliter, according to MedicineNet.com. The suggested level for an Asian American man of the same age is zero to 4.

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If the man is very active and gets a lot of exercise, his heart rate should be closer to 60 than 100 beats per minute.A PSA less than 3.5 is usually considered normal for men age 55 or younger.Prostate-specific antigen blood levels may be higher than normal in men who have prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or infection or inflammation of the prostate gland.So what is normal for a 70-year-old, may not be normal for a man of 40.The PSA test is a blood test that measures the total amount of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in your blood.

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The American Cancer Society recommends annual PSA testing for men beginning at age 50.Frequently a man with BPH will have PSA readings up to 10 and sometimes greater than that.

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Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is a protein produced by normal prostate cells.Men who are at high risk should begin PSA testing at age 40-45.

PSA reading of 8.5. rlbusche. Posts: 2 Joined: Apr 2012 Apr 13, 2012 - 8:36 am.It is found in low levels in normal men and is not elevated with other forms of cancer.PSA testing is used to identify the early stages of prostate cancer.I am 70 years old, work every day as a courier, and in otherwise excellent health.PSA Test at Age 60 Predicts Risk of Death from Prostate Cancer.If PSA testing were discontinued in men aged 65 years with PSA levels of 0.5.

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It is normal for all men to have a small amount of PSA in their blood.

ABSTRACT: An association between age and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) has been documented: As men age, their serum PSA value increases.

PSA is a protein produced by normal cells in the prostate and also by prostate cancer cells.A normal resting heart rate for a 70 year old male is between 60 and 100 beats per minute.I know it may sound weird, but at 68 years old, last Friday was the first PSA test I have ever had it was 8.5 and when I started reading up on prostrate cancer and what a normal PSA reading should be, 4.0 I wonder if there are any survivors out there that can relate to my situation, I go to a urologist today to.A prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test is a common screening tool for prostate cancer.The apparent accuracy of these new limits is strong in the 60 to 69-year group but it declines in the next decade.While waiting to get My last PSA test was 5.75, and my primary care physician has referred me to a urologist for follow-up.Thus, screening is appropriate for some men older than age 70 years.

What is the normal range for PSa levels in a 73 Year old man.By Tara Parker-Pope August 5, 2008 8:50 am August 5, 2008 8:50 am.The best evidence of benefit from PSA screening was among men aged 55 to 69 screened every two to four years.This is a blood test that measures levels of PSA in your bloodstream.Generally, the higher the PSA level, the more likely that cancer is present.Over the years, this screening has been continually refined, including investigation into the use of lower total PSA thresholds, PSA isoforms, and PSA kinetics.

This is the important and definitive conclusion of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, which for the first time has made a specific recommendation about the value of screening for prostate cancer.The Iowa Prostate Cancer Consensus is a set of guidelines recently developed to offer guidance for men of 75 years and older, and their physicians, about the risks and benefits of prostate cancer screening and detection (see Konety et al.).A single blood test at age 60 accurately predicts the risk of a man dying from prostate cancer in the next 25 years, a new study suggests.A PSA result within the borderline range might be very worrisome in a 50-year-old man but cause less concern in an 80-year-old man.My PSA reading was 5.57 today. I am a white Caucasian with enlarged prostate.

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A Northwestern University research study found that about 70% of men who had rising PSA levels and negative biopsies were eventually diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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You should always speak with your doctor before you follow anything that you read on.Prostate-specific antigen (PSA), also known as gamma-seminoprotein or kallikrein-3 (KLK3), is a glycoprotein enzyme encoded in humans by the KLK3 gene.I have always had a problem with a firm erection from age 55.When I ejaculate, hardly anything comes out.If I stop for a period of time will I regain a firm erectionagain.

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Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is a protein that is produced by the cells of the prostate gland and enters the bloodstream.Because prostate cancer can increase the level of PSA in the blood, many doctors and professional organizations recommend that men over age 50 receive a PSA test in conjunction with a digital rectal exam.It is currently one of the few widely used tests for prostate cancer available.The speed at which the PSA rises is helpful in predicting whether prostate cancer is.